Play Counter

Play Counter keeps track of the Minimum Mandatory Play Rule (MPR) for all Pop Warner players to ensure everyone gets their 12 plays. 


Coaches need modern tools

The game isn't being played the way it was

Know who is playing

Instantly see who is credtied as being on the field.

Know who has played

See who has met their minimum plays.

Know who needs to play

Focus on who should be on the field.

See a Sample

See what the coach sees. In a live game all devices that have this link update in realtime as plays are recorded. It's a private link so you will need to login with Google. 

Read Only Sample

Realtime play counting is essential

Spotters, Coaches, Counters are all working from the same view.  Multiple devices are linked in realtime.

No downloads. Setup can done at game time and shared even after the game has started.

Spotters and helpers all see the same data.  Full playing logs and printing for after the game.  Every snap, every second, every device, never miss a play

Coaches have 'quick summaries' of who needs to play. One screen, no refresh in realtime.

Start Now. No Signup. No download [free-beta]

Will are still working on a few of the bugs before the season starts.

Let's Go


Currenty free in beta

Single Person

$ 0/year.
Single user. Single concurrent login. Unlimited teams.
  • 1 year
  • No concurrent login
    Unlimited teams


Single Team entire season
$ 0/year.
One team. Limited users
  • No concurrent games
  • 10 users


All teams in the same club
$ 0/year.
All teams must have the same name and complete in the same league
  • Concurrent games allowed
  • Unlimited users


All teams, all levels for an association.
$ 0/year.
Unlimited users for a league.  All rosters must entered at start of season.
  • Concurrent games allowed
  • Unlimited users

App Store

Not ready for online?  Our apps store apps for Android and iOS work offline and don't store anything in the cloud.