Play Counter for iPad & Android keeps track of football (American / Pop Warner) play to ensure everyone gets their minimum play counts.

If you've done this with pen & paper you'll appreciate there is now an app for it.

Getting Started

Play Counter doesn't require 3G or Wi-Fi once you have installed everything is stored on the device. No information is sent to any servers.

Loading Player Names

You need to enter player the names into the device, you can do this now or at the game. Spelling is not important but getting Jersey numbers correct will be helpful. This will only need to be done once at the start of the season.

On the Options screen you can set the minimum plays each player needs.

At The Game

There are many ways to use the application depending on the way you and your coach work together.

The Simple Way

At the game use the Playing/Sideline toggle to keep track of who is on the field. Press the snap button after each snap and all the players on the field be given a play.

As the game progresses you can hide the players who are done to keep the screen clear. You will then only need to track those who have not gotten their plays in yet.

There are indicators at the bottom to keep track of how many players have been marked as 'on the field' and how many snaps there have been. This will help ensure the right number of players have been marked and all the snaps have been counted.


There are two types of mistakes you are likely to make. The first is counting a play that should not be counted. In some leagues flags and punts don't count. Use the unsnap button to rewind and undo the last snap. This works even if you have made substitutions.

If you have the wrong number of plays for a player you can touch their play count. A screen will pop up to let you change the number.

Using a Spotter

If you are fortunate enough to have a spotter the Validate screen can be used as a tool to work together

As the spotter calls out numbers tap the 'Seen' button or use the onscreen keypad to enter the jersey number. If the player is not on the field it will be added and marked as seen automatically. Extra players can be removed by clicking remove. Once the 11 players have been validated use the snap button to credit the play


Often the coach will have a number of teams that are moved on and off the field in bulk. These teams and their names are known before the game. The teams tab will let you work with the coach to name the team and assign the players.

The 'Not Used' option can be toggled on for players who are unlikely to be used. eg: The Kicker on the offensive team. The main screen has a filter to hide unused players to reduce scrolling.

During the game teams can be created on the fly from the validate tab.


Name the players as the coach calls them. This is more helpful than real names, when the coach puts Bruce on the field and you cannot see his number.




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