Lane Timer

Reliable timing for your swm meet.

Synchronized Stopwatch

Reliable, free lane timing for your meet. No new hardware is needed. We've been to too many failed meets so we did something about it. We hope Lane Timer is as helpful to you as it is to us. If you enjoy it please leave and review it. If you need it to better our contact details are below.

So easy to start. Lane Timer saves us hours of volunteer work every week.
Person Mary L.   --   Parent.
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Setup in Seconds.

Volunteers can start in seconds. No wifi required, it works with poor and intermittent cell service.


Any Android or iPhone will work as long as the sim card works or there is some WiFi.


Starting will start all timers simultaneously. By using Google hosted servers even when offline the time will be accurately recorded once the phone is back online.


Just press stop. Even if you are offline it's recorded and will sync accurately when the connection resumes.

Auto Tally & Results

Once the swimmers have touched and their timer stopped all times are sent via the internet and synchronized. The Starter is updated automatically. You are now ready for the next race.


We just have screenshot at the moment, if you need an integration send us an email. Most likely this will be added for free.

Full Version

No adds. We're swimming fans not an advertising company.

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Yes to leaving the stopwatch in the box. Volunteers want to use Lane Timer!
Person James H.   --   Coach.


Can I use any phone?

If it can download the app and connect to the internet it will work.

What setup is involved?

Just scan the starters barcode. No special permissions.

How accurate is it?

All timing is synchronized using Internet official time servers.

Do I need a started kit?

You just need the app and few minutes to setup. Our email is in the app and the footer bellow.

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Screenshot PhoneFrame
We are now more efficient and more accurate. Even the support is great.