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Share your scores live.

Everyone gets realtime score updates

See if we have a custom scoreboard for your sport.

This is the goto app for sharing our scores.
Person Jamie   --   Coach
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Virtual Scoreboard

Features common to all sports.

Keep Score

As well as keeping score you can add commentary, photos and tweet out updates.


Anyone who gets your link receives realtime updates on their device. They have nothing to install it runs in the browser on any device (or you can use our awesome app). If you tag the game it can be found via our search.


You can follow a tag to get all the games with the same tag over the entire season or tournament.


Get started without signing up.You don't need an account get started.


Not only is Score Keeper free it's add free as well. We may add some pro features in the future, but for now it's all free.

Share Socially or Direct

Share via social media or directly with SMS or email. Followers get an instant preview customized for your sport and can click through for live updates.

I can now follow our entire league in one app. We've needed this for years.
Person Alex   --   Parent & #1 Fan

Boards for Every Sport

OK, maybe not every sport, but we add new ones all the time. Check the app to see if your sport is has been added.

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We have more, here are a few


Bases, Strikes we have it all.

More Details


Down, Distance and all the regular scoreboard attire.

More Details


Game set and match.

More Details


Possession arrow, fouls and the score.

More Details


Lacrosse: The Fastest game on two feet.

More Details

Water Polo

We need some fans to help out with this one.

More Details

Aussie Rules

We need some fans to help out with this one.

More Details

Let's Go.

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