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Lacrosse Time Keeper.


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Timekeeping in Lacrosse All games require a Timekeeper and it is the responsibility of the home team.

General Guidance You are not there to cheer or support you team, you have a job to do. Work with the officiating crew and help them. Ask for help, the official’s want to know about a problem sooner than later. You are not a referee.

Use Lacrosse Timer to time the game Start and stop the clock on ref’s whistle You are also in charge of penalty times

Game Length 12U, 14U: Game is four 10-minute stop-time quarters, with a 2-minute break between each period and a 5-minute half time 10U: two 12-minute running time halves, with a 4-minute halftime period End Of Period Notifications You will sound the horn at the end of each time period, and warn the coaches and official when the period is coming to conclusion.

Officials will indicate the amount of time prior to the end of a period in which they would like to be notified. A two minute warning prior to end of a half/game is required. Provide a countdown from 10 seconds at end of the periods to referee. Track time during intermissions and alert coaches and officials four minutes prior to intermission ending. Penalty Times You will set the penalty clock based on the infraction and time specified by the official. Calculate release time. The penalty clocks starts/stops with the official’s whistle. Provide the player/coach an audible countdown from 10 seconds to release the penalized player. If multiple players out for a penalty, be clear on which player is being released. Penalties vary in time – the referee will identify the amount of time to be served. Personal fouls – one to three minutes depending on the infraction Technical fouls – 30 seconds Penalty Types Releasable Penalty – penalty time is over when a goal is scored UnReleasable Penalty – the full penalty time is served regardless of goal or period ending.

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